Sleigh All Day Christmas Wine Labels

Sleigh All Day Christmas
Sleigh All Day Funny Modern Minimalist Christmas Wine Labels - Festive AF Wine Labels - Cheers to the Naughty List Wine Labels - Santa's Favorite Ho Wine Labels

These modern holiday wine labels are an easy way to dress up some Christmas 'jingle juice'!
Choose your accent color (designs will be white/black/"gold"/your color.

Gold design is a faux glitter print. Not actually metallic or glitter. These are water resistant labels so you can chill or spill your wine and not worry about the label!

You will receive a set of 4 stickers with designs shown. 

  • Sleigh All Day
  • Festive AF
  • Santa's Favorite Ho Ho Ho
  • Cheers to the Naughty List


Wine Labels

  • 1 sticker sheet with 4 labels
  • Each sticker is 3.75" x 4.75"
  • High quality eco-friendly print on waterproof glossy finish stickers
  • Just peel & stick! 
  • For best results remove the original label before applying your personalized label

*What bottle will this fit on?

  • Choose a bottle that is tall & straight - avoid rounded or curvy bottles (like champagne) as the sticker will not fit around the curve.
  • Peel off the original label before you apply your custom label - paper labels are easier to remove, you can soak your wine bottle in warm water to help loosen the adhesive first.
  • Bottles with "painted on" labels do not work well as you may be able to see the label underneath your custom sticker.

 PLEASE NOTE: Due to variations in each device's display settings and calibration, printed colors may appear different/less bright than what you see on screen.


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