Nauti Crew Custom Bachelorette Tattoos

Ships in 3-5 business days
Nauti Crew + Nauti Bride
 Personalize these
Set of 12 Tattoos:
1 Bride + 11 Nauti Crew
Nautical Bachelorette Tattoos - Custom Nauti Bride and Nauti Crew Temporary Tattoos - Personalized Nauti Bachelorette Party Favors

Get inked up like a real sailor for a nautical bachelorette party!  These fun temporary tattoos come with our "Nauti Bride" and "Nauti Crew" designs, and are customized with the bride's name.
Application instructions are included.

Set of 12 tattoos includes
1 "I'm The Nauti Bride"
11 "NAME'S Nauti Crew"

Personalize these

  • Add the bride's name for "NAME'S Nauti Crew"
    (12 characters maximum)

    *Name will be printed in lettering style shown: ALL CAPS
    *Character limit includes spaces & punctuation
    *No symbols or non-standard characters

All personalized items are made especially for you and are a final sale.

Temporary Tattoo Details

  • Size: Each tattoo is approximately 2.25"
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be removed using rubbing alcohol or oil
  • Digitally printed

Application Instructions

  • Skin must be clean and dry before applying tattoo! Tattoos will not adhere properly if there is any oil or lotion on the area.
  • Cut tattoo out and remove clear protective plastic.
  • Place tattoo design side down on skin.
  • Press a damp towel firmly to the tattoo for 30 seconds.
  • Carefully peel backing paper off and let dry.
  • Enjoy your pain-free, regret-free tattoo!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to variations in each device's display settings & calibration, colors may sometimes appear different or less bright than what you see on your screen.



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